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Sexy Fashion Photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar

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After roles in the popular thrillers I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2 (both 1997), Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in the 1999 films Simply Irresistible, a romantic comedy, and Cruel Intentions, a modern-day retelling of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Cruel Intentions, with a kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and co-star Selma Blair that won the two the "Best Kiss" award at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards, was a modest hit at the box office. Critic Roger Ebert stated that Gellar and co-star Ryan Phillippe "develop a convincing emotional charge" and that Sarah Michelle Gellar is "effective as a bright girl who knows exactly how to use her act as a tramp"

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sexy Tennis Girl Photo

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Here's a sexy glamour shot of blonde babe Sarah Michelle Gellar in a tennis outfit including pigtails and boots. At the age of four, Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted by an agent in a restaurant in Uptown Manhattan. Two weeks later, she auditioned for a part in An Invasion Of Privacy, a made-for-television film starring Valerie Harper, Carol Kane and Jeff Daniels. At the audition, Gellar read both her own lines and those of Harper, impressing the directors enough to cast her in the role. A short while later, Sarah Michelle Gellar got a part in a controversial television commercial for Burger King, in which she criticized McDonald's and claimed to eat only at Burger King.

Sexy Blonde Sarah Michelle Gellar Fashion Photo

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has appeared on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, FHM, Rolling Stone, and other magazines. She was featured in Maxim magazine's "Hot 100" list in 2002, 2003, and 2005, and in FHM 's "100 Sexiest Women" of 2005. Sarah Michelle Gellar was voted number 1 in the magazine's 1999 edition. In 1998, she was named one of People's "50 Most Beautiful People (in the World)". Gellar has appeared in "Got Milk?" ads as well as in the Stone Temple Pilots music video "Sour Girl". In 2007, Sarah Michelle Gellar was ranked #54 on FHM Hot 100 List and was a celebrity spokesperson for Maybelline. She was on the cover of the December 2007 issue of Maxim magazine and was named Maxim magazine's 2008 Woman of the Year.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Sarah Michelle Gellar left All My Children in 1995 and landed the lead in the 1997 TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, playing a teenager burdened with the responsibility of fighting a number of mystical foes. The show was well received by critics and audiences alike, spawning a spinoff series (Angel). Throughout its seven seasons and a total of 144 episodes, Buffy, and Sarah Michelle Gellar along with her, became cult icons in the United States, the UK and Australia, particularly as archetypes of "empowered" women.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sexy Glamour Pic

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Hot blonde Sarah Michelle Gellar in a pink dress lying on a couch to pose for a hot glamour picture. Sarah Michelle Prinze, better known by her birth name of Sarah Michelle Gellar, is an American actress. Sarah Gellar is perhaps best known for her role as the fictional character Buffy Summers in the acclaimed television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for which she received a Golden Globe Award nomination. She won a Daytime Emmy Award for her role in All My Children.

Hot Babe Yvonne Catterfeld in Suspenders

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In fall 2005 Yvonne Catterfeld became the leading actress in the historical telenovela Sophie - Braut Wider Willen. However, the show never answered the network's expectations and as a result it ended in March after 65 episodes only. At the same time Yvonne Catterfeld released her first single in English language, "Where Does The Love Go", a collaboration with singer Eric Benét.

Sexy Glamour Photo of Hot Blonde Yvonne Catterfeld

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Yvonne Catterfeld is a German singer, actress and TV host. Yvonne Catterfeld was born in Erfurt, Thuringia in 1979. At the age of 15 she started playing the piano and the flute, simultaneously taking first dance and vocal lessons. After the high school graduation Yvonne Catterfeld studied Pop and Jazz at the music academy in Leipzig for two years. In 1998 she eventually released her first recordings under her synonyme KIV, but the seven songs only found little to none professional response.

Brunette Babe Diane Lane Fashion Photo

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One of few child actors to make a successful transition into adult roles, Diane Lane made a hit with audiences in the back-to-back cult films The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, and for a time was designated a member of the so-called "Brat pack". However the two films that could have catapulted Diane Lane to star status, Streets of Fire and The Cotton Club, were both box office flops and her career languished as a result.

Sexy Glamour Photo of Diane Lane in a Tree

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Diane Lane dated rock star Jon Bon Jovi in the 1980s and she was married to actor Christopher Lambert from 1988 to 1994. They had a daughter, Eleanor Jasmine Lambert, born September 5, 1993, and were divorced following a prolonged separation. Diane Lane married actor Josh Brolin on August 14, 2004. On December 20 of that year, she called police after an altercation with him, and he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. Lane declined to press charges, however, and the couple's spokesperson characterized the incident as a "misunderstanding".