Thursday, April 3, 2008

Superstar Mariah Carey Official Picture (with Trademark Smile)

Mariah Carey Official Picture, originally uploaded by Louis Dahling.

I'm not sure who made this Mariah Carey's official photo, but it is a nice pic. I'm actually really surprised after that last post. Of all the musicians out there I find it hard to believe that Mariah Carey is the artist that's breaking records set by The Beatles and Elvis Presley. What about Madonna or the Rolling Stones? Obviously I don't know much about how the charts work but it just seemed funny to me. Maybe I'm not as big a Mariah Carey fan as other people. She's nice to look at :)

Mariah Carey began commissioning remixes of her material early in her career. David Morales has collaborated with Mariah Carey several times, starting with "Dreamlover" (1993), which popularized the tradition of remixing pop songs into house records, and which Slant magazine named one of the greatest dance songs of all time.

Mariah Carey with a Big Smile Tops Elvis & The Beatles

Mariah Carey, originally uploaded by chatte.

In spring 2007, Mariah Carey had begun working on her eleventh studio album. E=MC². On April 2, 2008, "Touch My Body" became Carey's 18th number-one single on the Hot 100, pushing her past Elvis Presley into second place for the most number-one singles among all artists in the rock era, according to Billboard magazine's revised methodology. The Beatles, in first place, had twenty number-ones.

Mariah Carey's singles have, collectively, topped the charts for seventy-eight weeks, which places her ahead of The Beatles (fifty-nine weeks), and just behind Elvis Presley (eighty weeks).